All hiring decisions matter. At the executive level, the stakes are even higher. That’s why every Petroleum People retained search is partner-led, targeted and, above all, squarely focused on finding leaders who are the absolute best fit for your business. We help organizations fill senior leadership roles with strong, dynamic talent.

A successful executive search requires rigorous analysis, creativity, logic and sound judgement. Through Search Intelligence, we provide organisations with the tools to identify, attract and develop extraordinary executives.

We act as your consultants, thoroughly understanding your business before we begin. Then we employ a targeted approach to identify high-caliber, often passive candidates.That requires knowledge of your business, your industry, your functional needs and your strategy. And that’s why it’s critical to partner with a search firm that’s willing to invest in you.



The appointment of an executive whose background reveals significant shortcomings can seriously damage the reputation of a business

As part of our executive search service or as a stand-alone product, we provide clients with a rigorous, thoughtful and forensic referencing of their potential candidates, designed to reveal insights into a candidate’s management style, capability and personality that cannot always be uncovered during an interview.

We speak formally with all named referees, as well as informally with unnamed referees or business contacts that we have identified through our research.  We also check County Court judgements, credit references and bankruptcy notices. In addition, each candidate is subject to a thorough online and social media analysis.